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We can carry it.

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We can tote it.



Terms and conditions



  This quote includes insurance at full value coverage up to 100k. Shipper is responsible for all packaging, loading and unloading arrangements and subsequent third party fees. We provide ramps , blocking and cargo securement as well as safe transport. Any delays at the loading point will result in a changed arrival date and $200.00 per day for every day the truck is delayed after the scheduled pickup date has passed . All weight and dimensions must be correctly disclosed before Quote acceptance. Any weight above 500# stated weight will be charged .10 per pound. If your shipment dimension is incorrectly stated it will be rescheduled if there is not enough space to accommodate it and other items on the route. We will route back to the closest point with a payload and charge for the difference in miles from the last delivery if we cannot get freight going directly to your pickup point. All payments are cash or direct deposit. Under no circumstances will any freight be released before payment is received in full. Any non-paid items will be stored and shipper will be responsible for all storage costs with shipper then responsible for retrieval of items. It is our mission is to provide timely and quality freight transportation while keeping costs as low as possible. These conditions will assure that we can meet those goals. Thank you for your cooperation so that shipping can be worry free for all customers on your route